3 Convincing Reasons to Fall for Apple Pay

From critics to the banks, everyone is fond of the Apple Pay, a new payment service kicked start in Oct 2015. But being labeled by “Apple” trademark, there are many reasons contributing to its popularity. You just need to store your card information in the apps by syncing the cards from the iTunes service or by taking a picture of the credit card. Your device account number and transaction security code is used to make your payment. In this way, you get rid of carrying tones of cards in your pocket.

3 Convincing Reasons to Fall for Apple Pay

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Let’s see how Apple Pay simply lives up to your expectation:

  • Payments Made Simple:

Switch to Apple Pay and make your payment free from swiping, identification and affixing a signature on the receipts. Just take out your iPhone being stored with your card information.

  • Ultimate Security:

As you don’t need a “physical” card, the chances of stolen, loss or information theft is reduced at the great extent. Besides, you credit card number is not used for payment processing.

  • Privacy Like Never Before:

Apple Pay keeps the transaction private and don’t store the data. Even the card number is not shared with the retailers.

On the basis of these points, Apple Pay has the potential to be the milestone in the payment processing services.

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