4 Common Myths about Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is expensive. Cloud computing is not safe. Here we have listed such MYTHS you shouldn’t believe anymore.

Though cloud computing is super advanced and ubiquitous, it is surrounded with several misconceptions. Some people think that cloud computing is not secure for their business. Some think that it is meant for experts, not for common users.

Cloud computing is a delivery of data services like storage, processing and management over the Internet. All you need to log on to your cloud account given by the vendor to access the cloud services. Since everything is on the Internet, cloud technology helps you save money and time on buying equipment, hiring and training staff to accommodate the data.

Myths about Cloud ComputingTo leverage the benefits of cloud computing, you should give up on the myths listed below.

Myth#1: Cloud Computing is Not Safe:

Many businesses don’t opt for cloud technology as they believe that data is not safe over the cloud, which is away from their premises. But this is just an irrational fear. A cloud vendor will have data encryption functionality and security process to ensure data security. As an added bonus, cloud vendor backup your important data.

Myth#2: Cloud Goes Out of Budget:

This is simply not true. A cloud vendor provides services according to your budget and requirements. Good thing is that the cloud services are flexible and can be scaled up or down as per your growth.

Myth#3: Only Tech Companies Use Cloud:

Cloud technology is open for everyone. Any business can use it, regardless of its type and size.

Myth#4: Cloud is Not Easy to Understand:

Cloud computing sounds technical and something associated with coding, discouraging non-technical people or those with basic computer knowledge to use it. However, cloud computing is a user friendly service. It is just like you are saving files on your PC or Google Drive. There are clickable options provided over there for every function, whether you want to save data or share it.

So these are some common myths about cloud computing you should not believe anymore.

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