4 Startups From Tech In Asia Singapore 2016 That Stood Out

If you have a juvenile organization or are simply intrigued by what the tech scene resemble, Tech in Asia’s regional meetings is the place it’s at.

Here’s the 4 best startups that give you a thought to think much better;

Neebo: Created with younglings from 0-24 months as a top priority, the Neebo is an infant wearable that will keep parents from stressing themselves crazy.


Strap the lightweight arm ornament on and it will give you just the most essential data about your kids heart rate, blood oxygen and warm temperature and alerts you if there’s something not right.

Triplynr: A self-portrayed Pinterest for travel, Triplynr would like to help you settle on your travel choices through visuals. You can peruse other individuals’ schedules, add spots important to your own list, and use the app for route when you’re in the nation itself. Obviously, this relies on what number of clients are on the platform.

iScout: iScout helps making your driving knowledge more secure and quicker. The head-up exhibits will show approaching cautions from your smartphone that you can react to use gestures or voice control.


The premium form even puts blind side vision on the HUD once you flag so you no more need to look behind you.

Ombré: Online shopping is helpful, however, it’s not easy as you don’t experience the legit procedure of trying clothes. After logging in to Ombré, you’ll be requested to fill personal details. They are not actually rude, the platform simply needs to help you look great by picking the right clothe size that compliments your figure.

Thus, above discussed were the startups from tech in Asia, Singapore 2016 that were outstanding. Avail the maximum out of it!

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