4 Ways to Save Your Data in 2017!

Keep the backup of your data with these simple things to avoid repentance on losing your data.

Admit it. Many of you have a horrible experience of having file deleted on your PC. It causes lot of frustration as it is difficult (or nearly impossible) for you to get those files back. In order to minimize these problems, and other unpleasant events like loss of data due to HDD failure, it is essential to back up your data in a secure way.

It will give you peace of mind that you have the copy of your critical data, in case your system get crashed or is attacked by virus.

Backup data

Here we have come up with the simple yet efficient ways to Backup your data:

USB Stick:

Looking for a small and portable data backup solution? The first thing that comes in your mind would be a USB stick. With ever increasing storage size of USB drives, you can easily use a USB drive to back up your entire HDD. However, you must be careful while saving critical data on them as they are quite small and tend to be misplaced. Use them only when you stuck in emergency.

External Hard Disk Drive:

External HDD is the far better option than pen drive as they don’t misplaced easily. They come with USB connectivity with “plug and play” feature. Nowadays, these HDD types are as compact as your wallet or credit card. They can carry large amount of data than pen drives.

Keep it Online:

If you are looking for more convenient and accessible solution, then you can go for cloud storage. Cloud storage means you store your data on the remote servers. It is useful because it allows you an easy access, sharing and collaboration from any device, and even on the go. A cloud storage service provider can start charging you after a certain point of storage limit. Choose the provider that meets your requirements and budget as well.


Yes, this option sounds odd in the list of such technically advanced solutions. However, printing offers you a hard copy of your most important data that won’t be affected by power outages, malfunctioned system and most importantly, data hacking. Hard copies of your data are easy to store and access. However, it is hard to keep the data up to date this way, and it is not good solution for video or audio files.

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