6 Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

As one of the most unusual years of our lives comes to an end, we are forced to wonder what 2021 will bring us; and while this question may be an open one with no real answer known for most aspects of our lives, technology is something wherein predictions can be made.

You’ve seen how technological predictions and trends have come to life, year after year. In this one sense, we are 100% sure that 2021 will be no exception.

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Before we get into what the top trends in the field of technology for the coming year are one task remains. Let us understand how trends are formed or sustain. In the simplest of terms, a trend is something that is seen as a pattern or behavior for the field and which is likely or projected to continue doing so in the coming time.

With these thoughts, let us look into the top six technological trends that will most likely define 2021.

  • Hacking will get worse

At the cost of starting on a pessimistic note, this is something that needs to be put out there. One of the biggest trends that each successive year has seen and will be no different in 2021 will be that the hacking techniques, means, and methods for illegal activities will get worse and will escalate.

Every day, every moment, hackers are looking to find new ways and techniques to perform illegal activities and make undue profits from hacking. The speed at which hacking techniques are developed is often parallel to, if not faster than, the speed at which solutions are found. Therefore, hacking continues to exist.

This being said, the year will also see a lot of old hacking techniques become obsolete because their solutions will be found. It will also see anti-hacking techniques become bigger and better as more and more countries and organizations find means and methods to combat this menace.


  • Service that is Artificial Intelligence

The past few years have seen AI become a service model for many technological giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon. As 2021 begins and goes on more and more companies will look to offer AI and machine learning-based services. The dispersion will be done not only by tech giants and leaders but also by medium-size companies. This is being made possible by the rapid evolution and advancements in the field of AI.

Delivering on top customer and stakeholder experience is the need of the hour for all companies to deliver. For this needing, AI and machine learning are no longer optional for serious players at all levels. Not just IT but will sectors are in need of this today as a necessity.


  • 5G Data Networks

The race is on to win the 5G spectrum. As the network gets rolled out to customers, it will likely redefine what network access and speeds mean. Faster connectivity with not access is what 2021 is likely to be all about.

This isn’t however the only impact that this new network will see. As old network speeds become redundant or hard to find, devices will need to be in the race too. 5G compatible devices will become the talk of the town and those running primarily on old networks will need to be discarded or upgraded.


  • BYOD security needs

If there is one thing that the pandemic has done in terms of technology, it is that it has brought work to home and our devices. With mobile technology aiming to get the same work done as laptops, the security of these devices will be a major point of conversation going forward.

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Employees are keeping more and more company data on their mobile devices and companies need to work to make sure this does not result in breaches. 2021 is all set to see the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture expand, what will need to keep up is the security features therein.


  • XaaS model

The past few years have seen how companies and especially those in the world of technology have shifted to the service model rapidly. In the relevant circles, this is now being referred to as the Everything is a service (XaaS) model. With HP announcing that all their portfolio will be in the mode of service offerings by 2022, the coming year can be all set to see more and more companies adopt this practice.

The service sector is expanding beyond any imaginable boundaries set to it and this is likely to be one of the defining trends when we look back at the end of the coming year.


  • Sun setting products by giants

2020 saw Microsoft set the sun on some of its most iconic and well-used products. As the technological landscape changes drastically, this will become true for more and more giants.  Nowhere will this be seen more than in the markets of tech-based products as the technologies that ran or supported them become obsolete.

We should be prepared to say goodbye to some of our most beloved memories from giants such as Microsoft and Apple. They may have outlived their time already.

If you keep these trends in your line of vision, you will not be led astray when it comes to your personal or professional life in terms of technology. Path-breaking and mold shaping technological developments aside, this above is the technology landscape of 2021.

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