90 Percent Business Says Singapore is the Best IT Hub in Asia

Read here why Singapore is the favorite destinations for businesses around the world.

A latest survey by IDG Connect adjudged Singapore as the favorable IT destination in Asia for many large and small companies.

9 out of 10 businesses have told IDG that they found Singapore an ideal IT hub in Asia. The survey also ranked Hong Kong and Shanghai after Singapore in its list of popular IT hubs in Asia.

singapore-it-hubNo wonder that Singapore has topped the ranking, as the island has ideal digital environment in the form robust infrastructure, vibrant data centers computing standards and business environment. This is why many businesses including large MNC’s and startups have their bases in Singapore.

The survey stated that it saw “that 86% of those in Singapore chose Singapore and 56% of those in Hong Kong chose Hong Kong (though another 20% opted for Shanghai). Those based in mainland China split their preference across Shanghai (34%), Beijing (22%), Shenzhen (15%).”

The respondents prefer these three territories on the basis of data privacy regulations, compliance and governance rules, besides their concerns about data storage they have in other nations and the issues involved in soliciting hosting agreements and SLAs in other nations.

Most organizations in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore have already invested in multiple technologies to improve their growth models.

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