Apple iOS 9.30 bugs fixed

Apple releases the patched version of iOS 9.3 with several improvements and bug fixes.

The older iOS devices had a bud required a user to sign-in with his Apple ID and password to continue with the upgrade to iOS 9.3. However, if the ID or password entered were wrong, the device would go into an activation loop and not update. This bug has been patched in the new version of 9.3. Affected devices can upgrade via iTunes.Apple iOS 9.30 bugs fixed

The update is free and is available for all iPhones and iPads that are running currently a version of iOS 9, which includes iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPad mini or newer. The new iOS 9.3 comes with a whole lot of upgrades to iDevices and features.

The most notable feature of the new version is the Night Shift that minimizes the amount of blue light in the backlight of the screen. It also includes other updates such as Apple CarPlay updates, along the ability to secure apps such as Notes, a fingerprint scanner, vastly improved News and Health apps and the tweaks to performance on older device.

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