Apple Teacher Arrives in Singapore: How Will It Make a Difference?

Apple has launched its Apple Teacher program in Singapore to help teachers develop skills to integrate technology with classroom. Will it make big amidst the same tools offered by Microsoft and Google?

Apple is all set to transform the classrooms in Singapore with the line of its cutting edge tools. Considering that Singapore is enhancing the education by integrating the classroom with technology, many companies want to capitalize on this opportunity. And Apple is no different.

Apple Teacher Arrives in Singapore

Introduction of Apple Teacher is the earlier move made by Cupertino’s company. According to Apple’s official website, Apple Teacher is a “free professional learning programme designed to support and celebrate educators using Apple products for teaching and learning.”

In simple words, the program delivers self-learning experience to the educators with tips, learning materials, and news. The program allows educators or teachers to build skills on Apple devices that they can share with their students. Apple Teacher is already gaining a positive feedback from the teachers.

However, there are only three schools in Singapore that have deployed Apple Teacher programme, including The School of Science and Technology (SST), St Joseph’s Institution (SJI) Junior, and My First Skool.

Teachers at these schools were provided with the access to the programme a week before the official launch in Singapore on Wednesday.

Apple Teacher may face competition in the presence of such programs by the rivals like Microsoft and Google. For example, Microsoft has launched its professional learning programme for teachers in Singapore which is known as Microsoft Innovative Educator. On the other hand, Google has been operating its Certified Educators programme in the island to help teachers develop skills to implement technology in the classroom.

It is interesting to see how Apple will carve a niche for its educational program amidst the competition.

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