Benefits of Having Dual Monitors at Work

Most people are not used to using two monitors or screens at their desk. Therefore, dual monitor setups are not popular as single monitor setups.

But it can’t be denied that dual monitor setup can benefit employees in many ways. Firstly, it saves time and efforts which is otherwise consumed by switching between windows or tabs. It is not easy to work with the pile of windows stacking side by side, or top or bottom of the screen. It makes the screen work cluttered which in turn affects your focus.

While most tasks can be done efficiently with a single screen; multiple screens make the same task simpler, quicker and smoother.

Multiple Uses:

Feeding the data using dual monitors is far smoother than doing it with one. For example, you can have the data sourced on one screen followed by its processing on another screen. This way, it eliminates the need of scrolling tiny windows, switching tabs and repeating the same process. Besides, you can make quick comparisons by stacking the same image on the same screen. Plus, the editing won’t be cumbersome.

Improved Multitasking:

This is the key benefit of using multiple screens. With dual monitors at work, you can keep track of multiple applications simultaneously. Employees who need computers for customer support and graphic designers won’t have to waste their switching between tabs and resizing the windows. They just focus on the core task.

Increased Productivity:

According to some studies, working with dual monitors can increase productivity by 20-50%. Software developers, for example, can use one screen for source coding and the other for integration. As discussed, they don’t need to go back and forth between tabs. It minimizes errors and saves them more time to complete the tasks.


Many employees use laptops and are not likely to stay at one desk all the time. Integrating an additional monitor is easy with the most laptops now. They can disconnect the second monitor and take the laptop at their desired place.

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