Best Cloud Storage Services That are Free

Cloud is an online counterpart of traditional storage devices like HDDs and pen drives. Simply put, it is your hard disk where you can store your data and keep their backup as well. Over the years, the reliance on cloud storage has been increased as a physical storage device can be lost or damaged.

Here we have rounded up some free cloud storage services you can choose from. However, some of them allow you to store your data to a certain limit. Despite that, it ensures safety and easy access to your data.

Google Drive : It is one of the popular cloud storage services. And it provides up to free storage of 15 GB. Plus, it lets the user collaborate and share their data with others. It can be easily integrated with all other Google services.

Media Fire : Media Fire is simple and suitable for storing documents and photos online. It comes with the initial free storage of 10 GB; however, it can be increased up to 50 GB. It lets users upload multiple files at once from any browser which is really an outstanding feature.

Sync : Sync  provides free storage up to 5GB. The striking feature of the is the restoring of deleted files and thereby eliminating “regret” on losing important data. Moreover, you can save files in its special storage space termed as Vault.

Dropbox : This is one of the effective cloud storage services and features a great back up system. It accepts all files, from photos, videos, PPT to large CAD files. Dropbox also lets you sync across all the devices. Although it offers 2GB storage space, there are many plans that can help you get the desired space of your choice.

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