Exciting Christmas Ideas for Your IT Support Service Provider

A tech support person is always a call away whenever your computer shows a strange error message or when you need to install a new printer–and there is no way to show you a kind gesture to their services other than the holiday season.

Whether you are a small business with 10 employees or a big enterprise, here is a list of some best Christmas gift ideas for your IT support service provider.


We are pretty sure that your tech support person would love it as soon as they unwrap the box. From keeping track of their health, letting them assess their contact, reading emails and checking out their social media notifications, a smartwatch can be a great relief to their hectic schedule.

USB stick: 

Who doesn’t need a USB stick at work? It is the typical object to which we do not give importance but when it is needed it is usually missed. How many pen drives do we lose in a year? That means that giving a USB memory will always be valued and of great use to both customers and workers.

Portable Charger: 

In the same technological line, a portable charger can get us out of more than one trouble. It is true that many of us already have one of our own but that does not mean that any day we can forget it or that we carry it without carrying it. Therefore, a portable charger is very useful. In addition, contact chargers have now become fashionable, which does not need a cable and are of tremendous practicality.

Cups or thermos: 

Coffee or tea is still the queen of office drinks. For this reason, cups or thermos are always well received and provide great utility. They conserve heat, they are safe and, in addition, they avoid the excessive use of plastic, cardboard or paper in favour of recycling. Also, aesthetically, your company logo will look great on a nice mug.


Similarly, a backpack or briefcase for the laptop or tablet is very useful. All workers need to carry things to the office, be it electronic devices, extra clothes, food … So a backpack, bag or briefcase will be very practical.

Gourmet Basket:

A great classic as the Christmas holidays approach, the gourmet basket is a very fashionable Christmas present. You can choose to buy it already prepared or to personalize it by choosing the products that will compose it yourself. The gourmet basket is suitable for all budgets and will delight the taste buds of your IT support provider.

Gift Certificate:

When in doubt, this gift can work. It remains the easy and practical solution to keep everyone happy. No need to ask questions about everyone’s tastes: with a gift voucher valid in all stores, your employees will be able to choose what will make them happy.

So these are some exciting Christmas gift ideas for your IT support person. Gifting will let them know how much you appreciate their timely IT support services and dedication.

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