Experts on the Technology and Its Future in Singapore

Singapore is on the way to become the “technology capital of Asia”. Here we have listed the quotes of industry experts and well-known figures that confirmed that the nation has achieved big in the field of technology.Preview (opens in a new window)Innovation, Government Initiatives and Live Testbed…

“The Singapore government has numerous initiatives that are designed to encourage live testing, talent development, and cross-industry research giving us access to a live testbed and capabilities to bring the ideation, co-innovation and commercialization phases into a single location, which allows us to innovate faster. Singapore has made strides to position itself to be successful in an era of rapid technological change where innovation cycles have shortened.”

A Smart Nation That Ensures Safe and Green Urban Living…

“We will make Singapore a smart nation, enabling safer, cleaner and greener urban living, more transport options, better care for the elderly at home, more responsive public services and more opportunities for citizen engagement.”

  • Tony Tan, Former President of Singapore. (Source: Today Online)

A Great Hub of Artificial Intelligence Technology

“Such a movement by a technology giant is good for us … because they make AI buzzing and popular…Firstly, it’s about diversity … other Asian cities like Tokyo are also trying to be AI hubs, but they are more homogenous. Singapore’s advantage is that it is welcoming to all, and there is strong government support,”

  • Joel Ko, co-founder and chief executive of Marvelstone Ventures (Source: com)

So these quotes show that how rapidly Singapore is moving on the way to become the most innovative tech hub of the world. Do you want to say something on the ever increasing technology in the nation? Let us know by commenting below.

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