Get Into the Deepavali Spirit This Year at These Top Indian Restaurants in Singapore

Well, all of us possess a desire for chilies and spices. Especially during this Deepavali season, you are bound to feel a little home-sick and some good, spicy, Indian food can certainly help. Here are the top Indian restaurants in Singapore which offer impeccable dining and delivery options this Deepavali:

Top Indian restaurants in Singapore


At Yantra, you can expect to find familiar dishes heaved with a synchronous twist. Each dish here is elevated to be unforgettable. For starters, you need to give the Nihari Gosht that is served with makai pulao, a tender, delicious, spicy lamb served in a gravy dish. For drinks, you can also find a decent variety of wines and cool beers at Yantra to complement the dishes.

Muthu’s Curry

Muthu’s Curry is one of the most popular restaurants in Singapore for the Indian menu. A family restaurant, Muthu’s Curry is famed for its enticing spicy fish head curry. They offer an extensive menu with lots of options to satisfy all your cravings. We suggest trying lamb chops here. Each juicy lush piece is loaded with syrupy gravy made from fresh ground tomatoes and spices, a perfect supplement to some slices of naan.

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal offers you savory plates such as the Palak Paneer, Lamb Rangjosh, and Tandoor-Grilled Sea Bass. If you are looking to curb your palate, you can also jump into the set menus to encourage you through your dining experience. You can also try the Diwali Celebration Set Menu and find two gratifying Rang Mahal Signature Diwali Mithais to complement your meal.


Thevar is a one Michelin-star restaurant that stands in Keong Siak. It is a modern Indian grill. Chef Murugan Thevar was sparked by his voyages throughout South Asia and used his culture to fuse the two cuisines and form a contemporary establishment tailored for the popular crowd. You can try the Iberico pork chop, with mango mustard, tamarind, and sweet Medjool dates, or the coconut sothi and coriander curated with tellicherry pepper smoked hamachi.


When you are in a place like Singapore, you have access to a plethora of rich South Indian and tangy North Indian cuisine. No matter how you prefer these time-tested, classic dishes, Singapore has it all and you will not find a better time than Deepavali 2021 to get in touch with the foody Indian in you.

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