How Robots Fit Into Singapore’s Education System?

The use of robots has been gaining momentum in the field of education. Known as educational robots or classroom robots, they are being used by developed nations like the USA and England.

Robots Fit Into Singapore’s Education System

Classroom robots have also been introduced in some Asian nations like South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

Use of Educational Robots in Singapore:

 In June, 2016, IDA and Nanyang Technological University started a project to deploy classroom robots in the schools. It was started with two humanoids robots, Pepper and NAO, at tow pre-schools in Singapore. Equipped with 3D camera, 10 inch touch screen and 3 omni directional wheels, there robots are being used for teaching subjects like mathematics, music and performing arts.

How Robots Can Change the Landscape of Learning in Singapore?

Educational robots can aid academic learning in many ways. The obvious benefit is that they can make the classroom learning interactive and engaging. It will be a fresh change for the students who are tired of piles of book and the blackboard.

Secondly, they are useful to explain the abstract concepts or complicated aspects of math and science. Besides, robots have the ability to draw the attention of students which make it easier for them to understand the lessons.

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