How to Leave Your Poor IT Support Vendor?

Here are the things to keep in mind while switching to a new IT support vendor.)

While IT support is the lifeline for the small businesses with little to no IT staff, getting poor IT support can make things complicated and may not serve the purpose.

However, you can change your IT support vendor if you are not satisfied with them. Switching should be simple and straightforward. Opting for a quality IT support vendor will add value to your business with effective talent, technology and processes.

All you need to do these things for moving to your new IT support vendor.

Take a Note of Agreement with Existing IT Vendor:

Before informing your existing vendor about your switching, make sure you are legally allowed to take this step. May be you are bound by one year contract or more, requiring you advance notice. Even worse, you may be pushing into penalty or more additional years if notice is not give. The point is here to follow the fine lines of your contract to avoid hassles and legal troubles. If you can’t take it anymore, negotiate with your service provider.

Collect All IT Documents:

You should have all IT documents and contracts in place. Move these papers to your new IT company and take backup of your data if possible. If you don’t have them, ask you existing vendor to provide it before giving them notice. These documents should include the information of your website domain host, server passwords, configuration, data storage and backup.

Know About Your New IT Vendor:

You don’t want to get the same experience from your new IT vendor. Right?

Therefore, research on their services, experience, support system and response time. You can contact their clients and look into their customer testimonials as well to get an idea of their service quality.

So these tips help you make an easy transition. Do you have some more tips to suggest? Please share with us by commenting below.

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