How to Take Care of Your Server Room?

Server room requires cleaning and proper maintenance as heat and dust can take the machinery down anytime.

Server room is the core of day to day business operations. In fact, it is one of the expensive assets your business has. So it is essential to take care of your server room to keep it up and running for interrupted operations. It not only minimizes downtime, but also lowers the cost associated with the upgrades, new purchases and repair.

Server RoomSchedule a Proactive Cleaning Schedule:

A server room should be open, well ventilated and dust free as possible. Server and other pieces of computer generate excessive heat, and insufficient ventilation and hoarding of dust lead to overheating and system failure. Make sure the server room is spacious enough to let your devices breathe. Besides, regular dusting and cleaning is equally important to ensure health and functionality of the machine.

Keep it Cool:

Given that server machinery generates a lot of heat, it is essential to have “cooling” solutions in a place. It ensures longevity and efficiency of your equipment. Here are some tips to keep your server room cool:

  • Open the door
  • Remove a ceiling tile to let the heat escape towards HVAC system
  • Add an exhaust fan
  • Add a portable AC

However, it is equally important to balance a heat distribution. For example, the entire cooling system shouldn’t be devoted to servers as it leads to cause hot spots that affect the cooling systems in and out of the cabinet. Excessive cooling is as bad as excessive heating.

No Wire Clutter:

Proper and efficient routing of wires and cables keep the server room looks neat and clean. Clutters of wires are problematic when it comes to figuring out the specific wire or repairing of the machinery. Make sure to label or map the connections so it is easy for you to identify and access malfunctioning spots.

So these are the best practices ensuring you an organized and proactive server room.

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