Impact of Technology on Singapore’s Education System

Let’s see how technology has changed the landscape of education in Singapore.

Singapore has the highly regarded education system in the world because of its teaching standards, on-going professional development and efficient educational programs.

Besides government’s efforts and parent’s support, technology has been the driving factor behind country’s successful education system.

Ministry of Education has initiated Future School Project in 2007 to promote the use technologies in public schools.

“Many of our students are comfortable with the use of technology even from an early age. Technology can be used not just to increase students’ engagement, but also to… help them learn better.” said Dr Victor Lim, deputy director of technologies for learning at the MOE.

Impact of Technology on Singapore’s Education System

Here are the technology tools and gadgets that are widely used by the schools in Singapore:

ICT Devices:

 It is common to see the Future School’s students using laptops, tablet and other gadgets to enhance their learning experiences. These devices help them access online course materials anytime and anywhere, helping them learning at their own pace.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Dr. Pak Tee NG, Associate Dean, Leadership Learning, Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning, states that all Singapore schools would be “connected to the Next Generation Broadband Network (NGBN), which will provide ultra-high speed wireless connectivity. This is an example of how the MOE has supported schools in using ICT in education.”

Annotation Tools:

Many schools in Singapore have started using annotation tools to analyse visual text, helping students to recognize the links between visual and text.

Michael Muhunthan, principal at Jurong West Secondary School, said, “It is not just about using the latest cutting-edge technology for the sake of using it. It is the students and their learning that is at the heart of this.”

Virtual Reality:

With virtual reality devices in a classroom, students may soon be able to visit the world without leaving their classrooms. MOE has also planned to deploy Virtual Reality in the schools being encompassed by its Future School project.

Conclusion: In this way, Singapore leverages technology to enhance engagement in the classroom and make learning simple and efficient. It is the crucial move when today’s students are growing up in a digital world.

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