Important Skills to Have a Successful Career in Cloud Computing

Want to make a career in cloud computing? Here are some important skills which not only give you upper hand in hiring, but also help you build a successful career in cloud computing.

Cloud computing has brought the biggest change in IT landscape’s important aspects like data and analytics, information security and project management. In fact, it has become a default mode of operation in most of organizations across the globe.

This is why most businesses are looking for a skilled talent to handle cloud based operations. LinkedIn has predicted that “cloud and distributed computing” would be the hottest skillset to get hired.

There is a great need of candidates who know what cloud services to pick, can solicit service level agreements, and can combine those off-site offerings with on-site data and operations. Cloud computing requires for a range of new skill sets which are given below:

Successful Career in Cloud Computing

Database Skills:

Considering that cloud computing is built around large databases of information, understanding and working with database language is crucial. While SQL and MySQL are essential languages for databases, you should excel at other open source systems like Cassandra, MongoDB and Hadoop.


The Linux OS controls a large portion of the cloud computing, so being skilled with it gives you an edge over other candidates. More than 20% of servers opted for Azure are Linux based. A good basic step towards learning Linux OS is to set up your PC to dual boot with your preferred OS.

Understanding of Cloud Technologies and Platforms:

IT architects should possess a strategic understanding of all the major aspects of cloud technology, given the multi cloud approach being demanded by businesses lately. Having an expertise in at least one of the public cloud services like Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure will give your profile a weightage. It is valuable for companies to find the talent who is familiar with more cloud products by vendors.

Systems Automation:

With plethora of information, working over the process manually for most business is quite challenging, time consuming and full of hassles. This is why they prefer automation software for their cloud environments. Needless to say they like to have talents who can automate tasks and processes to enhance the data efficiency.

Management and Business Skills:

Apart from your technical skills, you need to work over your management and business skills in cloud computing. Many businesses want to have professionals who can integrate company’s goals with technology. A candidate is required to be efficient in people management and communication within the enterprise and even with vendors.

So, these are the skills you should learn to have a successful career in cloud computing.

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