Modern Day Cyber Threats Take On Old Technology: Is There Any Way Out?

It is always recommended that you must keep your IT infrastructure update to minimize the hacking risks. But what about those who don’t want to upgrade just because of the cost and inconveniences.

Is there any solution for the owners of these outdated systems to combat cyber-attacks? It can be possible with the efforts to design the security in such way so that the system can offer maximum protection.

out dated technology

Enterprises and security providers are realizing that it is not possible to ward the cyber-attacks off with dated systems. Rather, they want to make few changes in system security so that the hackers can’t get his hand on the critical information.

For example, Windows XP is the third most used OS in the world even though Microsoft didn’t provide upgrades for it any longer, meaning that it is outdated.

However, 1 in 10 desktops in the world is running on Windows XP.  Big companies, where it is installed on most of the systems, don’t want to change it because of their devices and operations compatibility. There may be many more factors they don’t want to upgrade their systems

But these companies have to think about the updated security measures while sticking to their “obsolete” operation systems.



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