Online Data Backup vs. Cloud Storage: Major Differences and Advantages

You can confuse online data backup with cloud backup. But actually these are two different things. Here we have come up with key differences helping you understand these two storage services.

What is online backup? Well, you can confuse it with a cloud backup due to the similar functioning. But, it is a different thing than cloud backup. In fact, online data backup has been used before the term cloud came into existence. Then, online backup was referred to the practice of backing up the data to a service provider’s site. Online backup allows you to backup and restore data.

Online Data Backup

Difference between Cloud Storage and Online Data Backup:

In cloud storage, you select the files to save them on a remote server. It is a convenient storage option allowing you to edit, share, view and visit your documents. It can be easily accessible from any type of internet device.

On the other hand, online backup does the same thing, but with few differences. It is Software as a service (Saas) based online data backup system. It automatically copies files to other platform or location through a connection, and also provide on-demand restoration facility to the users.

In other words, online backup is a SaaS service installed on a server or equipment at the data center. It stores a backup of everything automatically, meaning that you don’t need to select every file.

Broadly speaking, online cloud backups come with outstanding security, unlimited data backups, and the ability to retrieve the data. In fact, it imitates a lot of the features of cloud storage, even in the reality that it is indeed cloud storage of data.

23326032 - 3d render of cloud storage concept. icon on the computer keyboardWhich One is Right for Your Business?

Well, it depends on the level of the security and accessibility required for your business. If you want to share documents or other information pieces on the run, then cloud storage is the good choice for your business. In simple words, cloud storage is best to store and share your data online.

Online backup service is the right choice for those who want to store their entire backup without the need to perform routine checkup. It is also beneficial if you have relied on the external HDD or multiple flash drives as it requires little or no maintenance apart from few routine checkups.

In most cases, both data storage options are important to keep your data safe, accessible and protected against potential threats.

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