Onsite vs. Remote Support: Which One to Choose?

Is it difficult for you to pick between onsite and remote support? This quick comparison may help you decide the right one.

No matter if your business is small or big, IT support services are important to keep your systems up and running. The support services fix and maintain every part of the infrastructure, whether it is simple computer related issue or company specific software.

Generally, there are two types of IT support service— Onsite Support and Remote IT support. Needless to say most businesses find it challenging to choose the one between them.

Onsite-vs-IT-SupportOnsite IT support is the team of service personals owned by a business. They look after company’s IT infrastructure and fix the things. Remote support is not physically located inside the company. It is delivered via Internet.

Here we have compared both types to help you pick the best one for your company.

Key Features of Offsite Tech Support:

Instant Support:

You get instant IT support as the support team is physically located in your premises.


The support is more private as no outsider is handling your systems.


It is quicker as technicians do not need to travel to your location.

Key Features of Remote Support:

Cost Effective:

You pay only for the service. It is much cheaper than keeping staff and paying them monthly.

 Liability and Guaranteed Service:

A remote service provider will ensure you complete service. The provider is also supposed to complete the task in a promised time frame.


You can request for remote support from anywhere, anytime. You can get support quickly in real time.

Bottom Line:

Both onsite and remote IT support have their advantages and downsides. Remote IT support is a great option for the business having limited resources and budget. Onsite support is essential for taking care of complex IT infrastructure.

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