Technology Can Help Singapore Become “Car-Lite” Society

How Singapore can achieve its mission of having “car-lite” future? The answer lies in digital technology.

Providing access to high quality and well-organized transportation infrastructure makes Singapore one of the world’s greatest cities to live. Despite its efficient public transport system, the city is still seen as too “car centric.” Here, care symbolizes wealth and status symbol. On the other hand, the government strives to boost public transport use among the citizens. In Singapore, public transport makes 66 percent of the transport usage. The government is trying to raise it to 75 percent by 2030. Fewer vehicles will minimize the need of land for car parking and air pollution as well, thereby improving the quality of life.

Digital TechnologyHowever, it can’t be denied that making Singapore a “car lite” society is still a challenge. Digital technology can help in this direction.

One of the objectives of car lite society is to encourage people to use public transport. It can be achieved through Artificial Intelligence or AI. For example, autonomous vehicle are being operated by AI. Such technology will make “driverless vehicles” a reality. On the other hand, technology can be used to create solutions for sharing infrastructure. For example, in China, real time transport data and information is available to public to find them dock-less bicycles to find and share.

People should make initiative to make Singapore an ideal car lite society. For example, they can use shared vehicles and prefer walking or cycling instead of using care every now and then.



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