Top 5 Devices You Need To Work Anytime and Anywhere

Here is a rundown of top business gadgets you should have no matter if you are on the run or operate from the remote location.)

With the ubiquity of IoT devices and high-speed Internet connections, you can work from anywhere, even on the go. You can prepare a report, contribute to projects and instruct your team from the remote location.

Gone are the days when everyone was bound to their work desks from nine to five.

Here we have rounded up the devices that ensure you great work flexibility.


Smartphones have turned into the fully-fledged PCs. You can get the maximum computing from your phone, thanks to data connection and plenty of apps designed for productivity. For example, you can edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets on the run with Apple iWork, Google Docs and Microsoft Office. Besides, other apps help you stay on top of projects.

If smaller display size makes some tasks challenging, you can go for the smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S10 that can turn into workable PCs with just the addition of portable keyboard, mouse, and display.

Portable Storage:

The key purpose of portable hard drives is for data storage. They connect to the computer or laptop via a high-speed interface cable and acts as an external hard drive. The same purpose can be met with a simple flash drive.

Portable storage devices let you backup or store your files away from the main internal hard drive, secure from compromise by online or offline threats. This is useful as if your smartphones and tablets have limited space.

Portable storage devices like HDDs provide much more space, freeing up room on the main computing system. They come in storage capacities of 80 GB to over 1 terabyte; external hard drives let you get an even greater storage space for digital media like movies and photos. You can store entire virtual workstations on your portable HDDs.

Portable Projector:

A projector system keeps your colleagues, employees, and business associates engaged throughout the presentation. And there is one for your business trip. Yeah, we are talking about a portable projector. They can be installed almost anywhere. And there is not short of mini projectors that can be fit into your pocket or bag. Good thing is that foldable and outdoor projector screens are also available. So grab the one to make your meeting or presentation engaging anywhere.

Power Bank:

No matter what gadgets you hold, they are nothing if they run out of power or charge. Therefore, you should have a power bank to have a reserved power for your devices. On many occasion, it can be life-saving. Just imagine the scenario when you about to get an important business call while your phone goes off. Good thing is that this device is light and easy to carry.

Today’s power bank suppliers have usually more sockets to charge your multiple gadgets like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Make sure to choose the one having the range between 6000mAH and 10,000mAH. This is because bigger mAH means more recharges for your devices.


Modern day’s laptops are compact enough to carry with you, yet versatile enough to run complicated applications. It is the best tool to perform serious work on the run. How a business traveller can choose their laptop? First of all, choose the one with 12.5 to 14-inch screens, 8+ hours of battery life, 8 GB RAM and Core i5 CPU.

So these are some useful devices you need to work anytime and from anywhere. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below!

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