Top 5 reasons 2016 will be the year of the ‘new IT’

Amit Pandey, CEO of cloud application delivery specialist Avi Networks, says 2016 will be the year of the “new IT.” The confluence of cloud environments and applications, along with technologies like software-defined networking, are going to rewrite the rules for IT in 2016, he says.

Top 5 reasons 2016 will be the year of the 'new IT'

Here are Pandey’s five “new IT” predictions for 2016.

1. Application owners will own IT.

2. The data center will assume characteristics of the public cloud.

3. Web-scale IT architectures will become available to most enterprises.

4. CIOs will face increased pressure to shift spending to operating expenses.

5. Cyberattacks and data breaches in the cloud go from perception to reality.

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