Top Cloud Computing Trends in 2017 to Watch

Today, enterprises around the world prefer cloud computing for flexibility, recovery, automation, updates and mobility. In this way, cloud computing has become the big thing in this ever digitalizing world. To make the most of the cloud computing, you must keep the track of the upcoming trends, besides being following the existing trends. In 2016, we have seen various trends like big companies going cloud, ease of moving data to cloud, and hybrid strategies. And cloud computing is going to be even bigger in 2017 with groundbreaking trends given below:

Cloud Computing Trends

Phones will Be Ultimate Medium of Cloud Computing:

With the ever growing number of people using smartphone to access internet, phones will be the bigger medium of the cloud computing next year. Cloud’s anywhere, anytime access applications are great for the people loving to do things on the go. Most of the companies are developing apps to capitalize on rising smartphone market and internet access.

Cloud Goes Global!

Given the communication and collaboration across all types of enterprises, there are fair chances of the global expansion of the cloud computing for multi-language interfaces and tools.

New Migration Strategy for Apps:

The existing apps will be rewritten rather than being dumped or moved out, thanks to the cloud’s elasticity to make that migration easy.

Enterprises Apps on Public Cloud:

Public cloud may be the hosting platform for hosting business applications. So, this is all about the trends that will shape cloud computing in 2017.


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