Top Technology Trends to Watch in 2020

Have a closer look at the top tech trends that are likely to bring major innovation in 2020 and upcoming years as well.)

We are always excited about the future, especially when it comes to technology.

Remember the 90s? It was the time when most of us used to think that the 2000s would be ultra-futuristic with space ships, robots, aliens and machines all around—just like any sci-fi movies. Jokes apart!

The 2010s have been a revolutionary decade for technology. Or it can be said that we are getting closer to digital transformation every year.

Technology has changed the way we do business. Eminent global business leaders like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook have leveraged emerging tech trends like BIG data and AI to improve the user experience.

2020 is going to be a big year for technology. The last year of this decade is speculated to witness the enhancement of the current technologies as well as the introduction of new ones.

Here we have listed the technology that will rule 2020 and beyond.


Good news for Singapore’s Internet-loving population!

They can surf the net at a faster speed as the Government is planning to launch 5G networks as early as next year. 5G is 20 times faster than 4G and can support one million devices per square kilometer. With this technology, users can enjoy live streaming of videos in 4K and 8K. It also lets more devices to connect to the network and can make cloud gaming easy.

It also means that device companies are likely to roll out with 5G enabled phones and devices.

The impact of 5G will allow easy implementation of driverless cars as they would be able to get real-time data about the location.


AI has been a top tech trend for the past some years. Machines can learn about them like a human. It means that through AI, along with an increase in computing power, they will be able to do more complicated human tasks faster than ever. Recent research in the field of AI lets this tech utilize speak through voice technologies, facial recognition and understand via reporting and messaging.

Voice Technology:

We have seen the rise and ubiquity of voice technology like Alexa and Siri. However, it can’t be denied that they haven’t lived up to human expectations. Or you can say that they are not that advanced.

Voice is likely to be natural and free-flowing, something not easily integrated into digital technology. As AI and computer learning tech rise in the next decade, we hope that voice interpreting and voice creating software can give more “human” like the output.

Voice commands and voice assistants will be more useful in our routine lives.

Neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP is a cutting edge technology that can figure out the true meaning of voice. With this technology, computers will be enabled to understand human tone, pun, and sarcasm.


It is a digital currency to simply online transactions. To keep the process secure, the transactions are verified through an advanced encrypted process. Needless to say that Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the finances and there are millions of digital coins available in the market today. Some of the popular examples of Cryptocurrency are Litecoin, Ripple, Lumen, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

Many organizations have started accepting Cryptocurrency as the form of payment. It simply means that this technology is on the way to become the “big thing” in the coming years.

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