What Internal IT Support Can Learn from Customer Support

Here are some important things your internal IT support should grasp from your external customer support.)

Being a responsible business, you must be serious about delivering outstanding customer support. Right?

What about your employees? Now you must be thinking that why employees come into this scenario of customer support.

Imagine them as your customers. Are they getting good IT support just like your customers are getting support?

Simply put, they like to receive internal IT support the same level of service that they get as customers. Providing them a great internal IT support does matter. This is because technology glitches can cost their productive hours. According to one study, IT issues eat up nearly 22 minutes per day of the employees. And it accounts for 91 hours of downtime per year for a full-time worker.

Your internal IT support can learn many things from your external customer support. Here’s how…

Smooth Communication:

For quick and reliable support, creating effective communication is a must. The right support tool can overcome communication hurdles by letting the IT department understand your employees’ concerns. This makes it easier for the employees to explain what’s going on with their system. The support tools for communication can be a mobile, live chat, email and a phone number.


Internal IT teams should be aware of the employees they are supporting. In this scenario, you can help by creating personas to understand specific employees, from how they work to what is most important for them. For example, you can record the same issue or somehow similar to the previous issues faced by some employees along with the solution. Share this information with your IT department. It will help them resolve the issue quickly if it occurs next time.

Sharing Some Basic Troubleshooting Tips:

Let’s admit it. There are many employees who call technicians if their monitor is not starting up. And later they find that it was due to low brightness or the unplugged power cord. Such trifles are time-consuming for both your IT department and employees. Like your customers, your employees can resolve basic issues themselves. Therefore, educate them on basic troubleshooting.

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