What is IT Asset Management? Why Do You Need It Right Now?

An IT asset is termed as organization-owned software or hardware which is used in the business activities. From a PC, router to a large server, your business may have a wide range of IT assets.

Organization and documentation of all these inventories are important. It helps you make informed decisions about IT equipment purchases and distribution. You can tell if you need new HDDS or when to upgrade software license. This way, you can avoid unnecessary asset purchases while making the most of current resources.How to organize and document all IT assets throughout their lifecycle?

Here comes IT asset management!

It is a practice of documenting, maintaining and monitoring of all IT assets at an organization, right from purchase, process to their retirement.

It delivers configurable, integrated and scalable solution that can be utilized to support an existing system or as a standalone and complete solution for managing assets.

How IT Asset Management Benefits Your Business…

Efficient Management and Tracking:

From new purchases, licensing dates to future requirements, you get aware of everything at your workplace.

Increased Efficiency:

Another benefit is that you can see how software and hardware is being used by your staff. A right use increases the life expectancy of the system, thereby saving you money and hassles.


IT asset management helps you locate potential issues in your software and hardware.

In a nutshell, you just stay on the top when it comes to managing, configuring, and tracking the IT assets across your organization. As a result, you end up with more saving, convenience, and less hassles.

Let Apixel IT Support Helps You in IT Asset Management

Apixel IT helps many small businesses across Singapore by managing their IT assets. We ensure flexibility, transparency, efficiency and risk mitigation from the purchase to retirement and through the asset’s lifecycle.

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