What Make Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks in Singapore

Learn the factors that essential to protect from cyber-attacks in Singapore.

From WannaCry, Messiah to Petya Ransomware, there are several computer viruses that affected thousands of businesses in Singapore the time they occurred.

The damages came in the form of leaking info, locking the users out of their computers and corrupted databases.

If you think that you have survived them or your business is too small to be aimed, you need to think again. In other words, your business can be on the radar. Here’s why…Singapore is prone to cybercrimes. According to Singapore Cyber Landscape, cybercrimes rate was nearly doubled from previous year, as it was up from 7.9 per cent to 13.7 per cent. In 2016, the Singapore Government released alarming statement that the country faces more than one cyber-attack per month.

Singapore is nine time more prone to cyber-attacks, according to Asia Pacific Defence Outlook 2016 by Deloitte.

Therefore, you should adapt a proactive approach towards your cyber security. Here are the loopholes that make you vulnerable to cyber threats.

Not Investing in Security Measures:

According to a Quann IT Security End User Study 2017, most businesses in Singapore are not investing in cyber security measures like device deployment, professional services, cyber awareness and resources for attacks.

Lacking Security Features to Track and Montior the Attack:

Firewall and antivirus are not enough to guard off sophisticated cyber-attacks. However, many small businesses are still confined to these basic security measures as found by Quann.

Highest Internet Penetration Rate:

Ever increasing Internet penetration has made it easier for cyber criminals to target more people. For example, using smartphone for making payment without following security standards or using unsafe platform can make the task easier for hackers to get your info.

Being the Launchpad for Cyber Attacks:

Singapore receives its most internet traffic from other nations. So the hackers can launch the attack from outside.

So you must have understood why your business is vulnerable to computer viruses and cyber-crime. Opt for robust security measures and follow the basic cyber practices to protect your business given below

  • Know about the Latest Hacking Threat
  • Use Strong Passwords (that also include characters and numerical)
  • Updated your Software
  • Use SSL
  • Update Antivirus and Malware
  • Be careful while opening the attachments or links contained in email from unknown sender.
  • Avoid downloading shareware or freeware from unknown sites or sources.
  • Don’t use cyber café or unprotected computer to access your sensitive data.

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