What Our Clients Say about Apixel IT Support

Established in 2004, Apixel IT support has become one of the leading IT support companies in Singapore with hundreds of satisfied clients. We believe in doing business with the highest level of business ethics. The biggest satisfaction comes from our clients, when they appreciate us for fixing their problematic IT systems and empowering their entire infrastructure. So here we have listed the appreciation notes from our clients how our IT support services help them.“Reliable and efficient service, highly recommended.”

Lena Fung

“I’ve had so many ‘a-ha’ moments with Apixel. Like, when I first discovered how it was possible to lower hardware purchase costs, how we didn’t need to buy all the hardware by shifting to the cloud and many others.”

Ethan Ong

“Apixel is unfailingly efficient and pleasant and patient. I am truly privileged to be working with you guys. Thank you.”

Mr. Richard

“Your engineers are model workers…we love to deal with them!”

Ms. Aileen Chiok

“We are very satisfied with Apixel’s technical service and support. Thank you!”

Ms. Catherine

“Apixel’s engineers are a pleasure to work with both remotely and in person and have a very professional attitude towards our staff.”

Mr John

“It has been about 5 long years since we are associated with Apixel. We have outsourced our strategic technology planning department to it and all’s going well till date. It needs expertise to research, advice and implement new solutions as per changing needs, and Apixel knows how to do that perfectly well. If you ask me, Apixel is the best IT service provider in all of Singapore. “

  • Yong Chinchua (review sourced from Yelu.sg)

“Top notch service and timely response. We’ve known and worked with IT experts and fairly big companies but we had no idea a company of your size could offer such a great service. The last time we had some system integration issues, a support engineer began fixing the problem in as little as 30 minutes! That’s the kind of support we were looking for. Thank you.”

  • Lisa Mark (review sourced from Yelu.sg)

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