Why outsourced IT Help Desk is not a risky strategy

The IT help desk of any office is one of its primary resources and strengths. Irrespective of the business one is in, today it is impossible to imagine the absence of a proper IT help desk for any company. This, therefore, makes many believe that this must also only be in-house. The belief stems from concerns on security and the nature of the work itself being crucial.

However, it has been seen that outsourcing the IT help desk business is not only not a risk but is also actually a very prudent step. Today, let us see what are the reasons we say this.

Where they are at

The word outsourcing often results in people and companies imagining far-off countries and places where there is little connection to the place of origin of the company. This could be true in certain cases but when it comes to Apixel IT Support, the engineers are based in Singapore.


This often is the biggest worry companies carry and therefore we wish to confirm to you unequivocally that this risk is not one present here if at all this is a risk anywhere


A deep understanding

One of the reasons you and your company may worry about outsourcing the IT Help desk is a feeling of a lack of connection of the engineers with your company and its goals and values. This fear may stem from hearsay or a lack of good experience in this regard that you have faced.

We wish to assure you that understanding your company and its goals at a macro and micro level is one of the first tasks of a good Help desk provider company. The actual work only comes into the picture once this has been assured and cross-checked with you in every regard.


Warm and personalized service

The core idea on which Manhattan Tech Support runs is the providing of and ensuring of service that is not boxed. What we mean is that the service is personalized based on the need of each company and its people.

There is a deep understanding that no two companies are the same and thus their requirements differ too. With this in mind, the idea is to give the best-personalized service which suits your needs. Being warm and welcoming to all inputs and discussions while at it is something that is an aim unsaid always for us.


Complete support

When it comes to the IT help desk there are many service providers and engineers out there that will offer bits and pieces of support in terms of catering to one or some of the needs of the company. This often becomes detrimental to the company as it then has to have a team to take care of the rest.

A good IT help desk outsourcing team will ensure that it provides the complete support system so that the handover and lack of worry are absolute on your part.


The positives

If you are still worried and are not sure what the exact benefits to you outsourcing the IT help desk will be instead of keeping them in-house, let us see the three biggest positives here:

  • Cost management– Outsourcing your IT Help Desk allows you to avoid the capital-intensive investment and converts your IT work into a monthly/ annual bill. A lot of fixed costs associated with this team are transferred to the outsourcing company and you end up saving on them in part.
  • Scalability –If your needs change to require a more elaborate or a less detailed system, working on that within the company may mean a lot of hassle, cost, and worry. As an outsourced service, you can expand or contract the services you need as part of your agreement with them.
  • Latest trends and training –The outsourced company is in the business of providing this service and this is their field. That allows them to be up to date with the latest trends and training which they will share the benefit of with you. It takes away this task and worries from your companies learning and research teams to stay up to date on this too.

If you have any IT related issue or queries feel free to contact us.

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