Why Virtual Technician is beneficial for IT Support?

Over the past years, we have seen how cloud computing, Internet of Things and mobility has transformed the technology.

These changes should be attributed to the bring-your-own-device policies and the users being more sophisticated about their computers and devices. The ever increasing digitalization has also influenced the help and support services to the great extent. The IT support services are now able to resolve the issues quickly as they don’t need to deal with the exhaustive manual processes.

virtual-technician-it-support The virtual support is effective, quick and budget friendly counterpart of the traditional desk side support. Many companies have deployed free-standing kiosks at their workplaces by replacing manual IT service desk. In case of any computer issue, an employee is required to visit those kiosks to fix up their issues instantly.

And this is possible because of…


It just takes few clicks to activate the virtual IT assistance including actionable information/videos/diagrams teaching you troubleshooting tips.

Live support:

These kiosks are equipped with live support features like phone calling, video conferencing, and support chat. It is important when you find self-service can’t work in your case.

Deskside Support:

You can connect your terminals to the kiosk so that the technician can fix up the things via video conferencing. This feature is really helpful for an employee who is not familiar with technical features to use remote control tools.

These services not only benefit employees, but also help an organization save money, space and time.


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