YouTube Updation; A Native Messaging App Launching Soon

YouTube is soon launching a feature that will allow users to watch, chat, and share the videos with their friends from within the app itself.

YouTube Application

About the YouTube App

Before launching it among the masses, it will be tested with a small group of YouTubers.

That small group of people can then spread the feature by welcoming friends into discussion threads. The feature gives them a chance to talk with each other, as well as gives them a chance to reply with videos.

How the App will work…

The share menu on videos will now have another option to send a video to a person or a group. The share sheet will demonstrate the people whom you’ve sent a video recently to, and let you add content and emoji to the message. All messages are situated in another Shared tab in the mobile app next to profile.

Aim Behind the Launch

The aim behind the launching of this App is to guarantee that users invest more time on the YouTube app sharing natively, and not on other messaging services, for example, Facebook Messenger.

It, likewise, trusts that this feature will keep users engaged on the app instead of copying and pasting video links to any messaging client.

App on Android and iOS

A month ago, YouTube overhauled its app on Android and iOS devices. The app now offers an upgraded home screen, and offers enhanced suggestions through profound neural network technology.

The organization said that this technology permitted it to discover designs by learning from practice, and after that offer customized suggestions.

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