Google Street View is Now Available for Your Apple Smartwatch!

Google Street View, an app to explore landmarks, locations, and routes, is now available for Apple Watch as Street 3. Street 3 is the way to integrate Google Street View with Apple Maps on all iOS devices, while giving 360-degree panoramic views on Apple Watch. It lets the user see all around pinch and zoom view of his searched destination. Plus, you can change the view mode to the satellite and terrain.

Google Street View on Apple Smartwatch

Apple watch is equipped with great features that enable users to see the panoramic views even on minimal screen. The navigation system is composed of the options like using voice for search, sharing history with paired iPhone, and moving the views to left and right. However, there is no navigation option yet to go up or down.

As a bonus point, Street 3 displays the panoramas for many indoor locations like factory or business inside views. It even features some underwater locales! Street 3 is user-friendly and lets you share places to friends or other apps. You can save the views to sync them between your devices.

Apple Watch is the smartwatch launched by Apple in 2015 and has been the best-selling wearable since then. The current version comes with watch OS, Apple S1 processor, 512 MB DRAM and 8 GB of storage. Apple Watches are available in models like Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition, and Apple Watch Hermes.

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