What are the Benefits of SOC-as-a-Service?

The cybersecurity landscape is dynamic. Your IT staff might be extending their limits, finding it stressful to deal with the ever-increasing new threats, and sometimes even decode real risks from false alarms.

To deal with this and more efficiently, many enterprising are looking to build their security operations center or SOC. This is a dedicated area or even a separate facility in which IT security staff can perform their operations to monitor and detect any sort of threat.

While this process can reduce cyber threats in real-time, a major downside of owning SOC is that they can be very costly to operate and can have a huge impact on the bottom line of the organization.


Enter SOC-as-a-service. It is an alternative to SOC.  The concept of SOC-as-a-service is straightforward. In SOC-as-a-service, you outsource all the functions of SOC to a third-party vendor.

Rather than having to invest a lot of money in hiring and keeping a dedicated SOC staff at your workplace, you can outsource the one on a flat fee for a certain period.  Simply put, it is a subscription-based service rather than starting your SOC department.


SOC-as-a-service generally manages your networks, devices, logs, and clouds. It offers you expertise and skills to combat cybersecurity threats.

SOC aims to identify and prioritize cybersecurity incidents that could negatively affect your data.

Given that you outsource your security management to a third-party vendor, you can save more time and money in the long run without having to put additional strain on smaller IT departments.

The third-party works with the current IT security team to adapt their cybersecurity practices, and from there, can manage all the threat monitoring and risk management so IT resources can be freed up to handle everything else.

By hiring an efficient SOC-as-a-service, you can allow your business to get access to the expertise and skills of dedicated cybersecurity professional.

Here is a roundup of some key benefits of using SOC-a-a-s.


With the certain attack vectors used by threat actors to attack a network, there is the possibility of some of them being unnoticed. With SOC services, cybersecurity professionals are equipped to have a complete overview of the entire network and potential vulnerabilities.

SOC is composed of a security professionals team that delivers a customized approach focused on protecting the business environment and improving business efficiency.

The expertise lets your team focus on core business practices. The team generally works as an extension of your team, offering a customized and rapid response which, in the event of a security threat, will deliver the service you require when you require it.

Using services delivered by SOC providers helps you minimize the challenge of hiring cybersecurity professionals which can be costly and time-consuming.

You can tap on the skills of a specialist with a deep skillset in this field; therefore you don’t need to hire a full-time team which is one of the striking benefits of managed SOC services.


Reducing Breach Impact:

SOC works to reduce the impact of breaches and other threats to your organization. The SOC helps cut down on attack dwell time—the time before detection—helps reduce breach impact. So does efficient prioritization of SOC activity based on factors like the severity of vulnerabilities in infrastructure, threat intelligence about attack trends, and business criticality of the element. An effective SOC can help prevent a minor data incident from turning into a major breach.


Meeting Different Security Needs:

SOC-as-a-service is provided at various levels to address the unique concerns of the vast range of organizations. For the company that is looking for basic security services, SOC-as-a-service is available at standard levels that include daily monitoring and status reports throughout the year.

To provide the most advanced level of protection, the SOC-as-a-service plan generally involves hourly monitoring and status report across the year.

For those who are looking for the most advanced level of protection, the premium SOC-as-a-service plan generally contains hourly monitoring and status report throughout the year.


Staying Ahead of Attackers:

SOC intends to go beyond reactive incident response and strive to achieve proactive threat monitoring. The malicious attackers work hard to outwit the security barriers, which is why SOC analysts assess through digital clues to spot early evidence of attacks that might not always raise alarms but are nevertheless worth assessment.


Using Proactive Approach:

One of the key advantages of having a SOC service is the improvement of security incident detection through constant monitoring and analysis of network activity as well as through cyber intelligence findings.

By monitoring activities across an organization’s networks around the clock, SOC teams can detect and responds to potential threats early. This is important, as time is the most important resource regarding efficient cybersecurity incident response.

The 24/7 SOC services let you gain a big advantage to protect yourself against intrusions and incidents, no matter what the source is, attack type, and time of day. It shrinks the gap between the attacker’s time to capitalize and the organization’s time to detect, helping you stay on top of threat detection.


Helping with Cost Control:

As you outsource your security responsibility to a third-party vendor, you don’t need to invest money in hiring or purchasing new equipment. All you need to pay a flat fee for SOC as a service.

So you must have understood the benefit of SOC as a service. and for more information, you can read out our mainstream blog.


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