How to Build a Cloud Center of Excellence in Your Business

Moving to the cloud is a thoughtful and critical process that should be handled by your team of Cloud Centre of Excellence or CCoE.)

Is your business ready to embrace cloud computing?

With cloud computing, you can improve the accessibility and flexibility of your business process while keeping the things streamlined.

However, moving to the cloud requires you to ponder over many things.

Here comes CCoE.

What’s that? Another cloud acronym?

Well, CCoE stands for a Cloud Centre of Excellence.

It is a cross-functional team of experts who own the knowledge, skills and experience to help an enterprise move to the cloud. They develop a cloud strategy and create best practices so that an enterprise can have a successful “cloud transformation”.

This is important for having successful cloud implementation of your business operations.

Here is how you can build your CCoE team.

Choose Expertise from Diverse Backgrounds:

First of all, bring 3-5 professional from various backgrounds. For example, your team may be composed of developers, system administrators, network engineers and database administrators. Make sure these people have vast experience as well as the right attitude.

Define the Team’s Responsibility:

Each team member on the team will be responsible for introducing the best practices, frameworks and governance that the rest of the enterprise will use when moving to the cloud. Therefore, the roles should be defined along with cost governance, monitoring, incident management and a security framework. These responsibilities can be scaled up to include other things like asset management, multi-account management and architectures. However, you shouldn’t be caught in analysis paralysis.

To conclude, your CCoE will take charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Structure and Operations
  • Evaluation
  • Governance
  • Innovation

Encourage Them to Bring the Best Practices:

Apart from playing their defined roles, your CCoE should plan and promote the right practices to enhance your cloud operations. For example, they can train the organization on cloud practices; perform experimentation to stay relevant and use the best tools.

So you must have understood the importance of creating an expert panel for your cloud operations. What do you think? Please let us know by commenting below.

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