How to Secure Your Data Backup?

Here’s a brief guide on how to ensure your data backups are secure.)

Data backup ensures you data restoration in case of losing your important data. But what if you lose you data backup? While data backups are critical element of storage security, they can be the medium of security woes.

This is why the security of the copy of your data is downright essential. Here are the data backup security tips you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure your security policy covers backup related systems within their scope, whether its access controls or physical security.
  • Data backup systems should be the part of your disaster recovery and incident response plans.
  • The backup software access rights should be given only to those who have a business requirement to be covered in the backup process. Monitor your data backup frequently for any web based interfaces.
  • Backup should be stored offsite or at least in another building. A fire or incident in the same location can harm your original data and its backup as well.
  • What security measures your vendors (offsite storage, data centre and courier services) are following to ensure you that backups are in the safe hands.
  • The backups should be password protected. Encrypt your backups if your software and hardware support it.
  • Keep at least three copies of your data. One should be on the machine, one on secure cloud storage and one on the offsite location.
  • Maintain a constant automated schedule.
  • Take care of the devices that hold your data backup, especially if the data is stored on the HDDS or flash drive.

So you must have understood why guarding data backup is important and how to do it. Like we have said before that protecting the data backup is as important as protecting your data.

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