Make Life Easier with these Tech Ideas in 2016

There is really an tech idea for everything. Make your life easier with these amazing techs this year.

Technology Ideas 2016

Automation and efficiency has really changed our life making it easy to live. With just one click, we can accomplish any of our tasks. So, here are a few tech ideas that can help you in your day to day life.

Cleaning tips at PageAdvisor

Cleaning your chores at home is no more a worry. PageAdvisor has put together a smart list of cleaning tips, including air-con servicing, sofa cleaning, car wash and almost everything. SO, no excuses and start cleaning today!

Food at your doorstep via Deliveroo

Beat the crowd at restaurants and order your favorite mouthwatering dishes to be delivered to your home. Deliveroo delivers in an average of just 32 minutes, at a flat fee of $3.

Parental Control with FamilyTime
Parental controls is a must to help your child learn and grow. With FamilyTime, you can manage your kids’ screen time, block certain apps on your cellphone, and instantly lock your child’s phone with just one tap to get their attention!

Grocery at your door with Instacart
Do you lack time to go to the shop to get the grocery? With Instacart, get the Groceries delivered to your door in just one hour. When you’re a busy parent, this can be a real life saver.

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