Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Computer

Your computer needs spring cleaning too. Here’s how…

Spring is a great time for a fresh start. You may be busy in getting your office premises cleaned and new paint job. What about your computers? They need cleaning too. After all, they are overwhelmed with digital clutter of a year. A routine cleaning will keep your digital devices in top shape and ensure a great protection. Here we have come up with effective cleaning plan for your computer this spring.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your ComputerRemove Unnecessary Data:

Not all of files stored on your PC are useful. Some of them may be duplicate copies auto-saved by the system or some may be the outdated folder you don’t need any longer. After removing unnecessary data from the system, organize the remaining files. It will minimize clutter in the future. Also uninstall unnecessary software.

De-Clutter the Browser:

Look your internet browser for extensions and remove any you don’t need any longer. Deleting unnecessary or unused extensions will speed up the browser increasing load time. Besides, clear browser data which includes cookies and history.

Perform a Malware Scan:

Make sure that each computer in your office is installed with malware software. It ensures that your PC is safe. Or if you are looking to purchase a new one, do your homework and choose the one that you will regularly use to scan your PC for harmful viruses.

Shift Some of Data to External HDD:

You may come across the files you can’t delete which may be family photos, financial records or anything carrying emotional value. The best thing to store such stuff is an external hard drive. This step not only frees up space, but also minimizes the risk of viruses and computer failures.

Miscellaneous Steps:

  • Make sure Firewall is on
  • Upgrade antivirus
  • Start backing up important data

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