Your Guide to Encrypt Your Data for Cloud Storage

Here is how you can encrypt your data for maximum security while transporting it to the cloud storage.)

Cloud encryption is the process of encoding the data before moving it to cloud storage. This is important for the safety of your data as it prevents unauthorized free access. Simply put, it adds an extra layer of security.

Although it is similar to the in-house encryption, users should learn about the vendor’s policies and process for encryption and encryption key management. The encryption capabilities should be according to the level of sensitivity of the information being stored.

Data protection in the cloud should be your top priority. However, not all vendors offer encryption services to protect your data. This is why it is important to encrypt your sensitive data on your own. To your help, here are some encryption tips to ensure the safety to your data in the cloud.

Encrypt Data before moving it to the Cloud:

If your cloud vendor doesn’t automatically encrypt data before uploading, you should encrypt it on your own. Or you can use a third-party encryption tool that will apply passwords and encryption to files as you finish editing.

Opt for Cloud Cryptography:

Cloud cryptography is another way to protect your data over the cloud. You can get them with the cloud vendors like Azure that deploy cryptography. It will give you a public and private key pair with a specific ID to access the data.

Try Cloud Access Security Broker:

This also helps you encrypt your data and get your own keys as well. With a cloud access security broker, you get a single point of visibility and access control into any cloud app in a large organization. This method facilitates the connections between cloud apps and the general public through several API connectors and proxies.

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