Stripe Officially Launched in Singapore

Stripe has been launched officially in Singapore. Read here in brief about company’s next step and the challenges.

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PDPC Asks WhatsApp to Give Clarification Over Its Data Sharing Policy

PDPC, Singapore has demanded an exclamation from WhatsApp on sharing user’s data with its parent company, Facebook.

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Cyber Criminals Hit 71% SMBs Last Year, CYREN Survey Says

Recently, CYREN has published its survey on the cyber security in SMBs. And the revelations are surprising. Read here in brief what survey has found.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Released On 20 August in Singapore

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is on sale in Singapore on 20 August. Let’s know the specifications and how it is different from the predecessor.

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Apple Inc. Announces Up to $ 200,000 Reward for Finding Flaws in its Products

Apple will give $200,000 to the researcher who will find the bug in its security errors.

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compact office PCs

Aftershock Nano-S: A Close View on its Features

A local gaming PC’s builder has launched its series of compact office PCs with Aftershock Nano S. Read here the features…….. One of the top gaming system brands in Singapore,…

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Google Street View is Now Available for Your Apple Smartwatch!

See how you can enjoy exploring destinations on such tiny screen.

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Google IO Announcement

Google I/O 2016 announcements: Google Assistant, Home speaker and Lot more…

Google I/O 2016, the yearly developer conference where the search giant, Google, showcases its next-generation technology, has begun. The keynote address occurred with Google declaring new items like the Google…

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4 Tech Trends That Can Transform Your Life

Read on how these popular tech trends are shaping your business and lifestyle like never before.

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YouTube Application

YouTube Updation; A Native Messaging App Launching Soon

YouTube is soon launching a feature that will allow users to watch, chat, and share the videos with their friends from within the app itself.

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